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RVC Chat - December 2011
by Andrew Heffernan

Soon I will be heading to Nova Scotia to celebrate Christmas with my family. As I am "on-call" in December, it will be a Christmas in November. I have lived in Albany, NY for 5 years, and I consider it my home now. But it is certainly nice to visit with family and see my nieces growing up. Wish me luck... taking the little ones to the bookstore is usually an expensive venture for me.

At the upcoming Mensa Board meeting (December 2nd) there will be a motion on Social Media. The motion, if passed, will require National Mensa events like the Annual Gathering, or Mind Games to be promoted via Social Media in addition to print media and the national website. The intent, as I understand it, is to be more inclusive of the members who prefer electrons as their main form of communication.

Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Groups, Twitter, Google+, Fickr, Digg, Youtube and LOTS more. As an individual, I can only participate in a couple of these at a time. Usually trying each out for a while to see the features. But I also like to limit my computer time outside of work. It's about balance for my personal life. Perhaps you live and breathe the internet, or maybe you prefer paper for most of your reading. That's okay. Diversity of views is one of the great things about Mensa.

Social Media can do many things for an organization like Mensa. It can deepen relationships and encourage engagement. With over 2800 members on the Mensa Facebook Group discussions range from charity, politics, pop culture, science, and the silly. The regional pages are better equipped to promote local events and Regional Gatherings. And many Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have interest specific pages.

For those who use Social Media regularly, I would like know what sites you use. What content would you like to see locally or even regionally for Mensa. Nationally too? I am not promising anything, but I'm Mensan, so I am curious.

Andrew Heffernan

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