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RVChat - August 2009
by Lori Norris

The 2009 AG in Pittsburgh is over [sigh].  We saw familiar faces and meet many new people.  Hospitality was wonderful, hot food (mostly hotdogs) was available around the clock.  There was craft-brewed root beer for root beer floats and many other great treats.  Programs, at least those that I attended or heard about, were interesting and entertaining.  There was a full track of Leadership Development Workshops which were well attended.  Dr. Demento spoke following Saturday's banquet and he was quite entertaining and informative about his early days in radio.

Highlights from the AG:  Congratulations to the following award winners:  GNYM's Misha's Vineyard Players placed fifth in the 2009 CultureQuest® competition; GNYM also received a Community Action Program award; Al Beecy was recognized for his work on the Region 1 Web site for an outstanding (most improved) regional Web site; NH's John Bauman was named an outstanding Proctor of the Year for Region 1; and lastly, but not leastly, Vermont Mensa was named the Region 1 winner for the Pep Rally Leadership Retreat.  39 Region 1 members attended the Region 1 Meet & Greet.  On Wednesday evening, 28 of us Region 1 folk headed to a small local diner for dinner.  Nothing like calling up a small place and informing them that about 30 people would be descending upon them for dinner.   They were thrilled to have us, especially since their Wednesday dinner hour was typically not very busy.  We filled more than half the available space in the diner for a quick, inexpensive meal with good company to start the long weekend.

And, of course, we had AML's annual business meeting at the AG.  All members were invited to participate and comment on Mensa related matters.  The AMC (American Mensa Committee, national board of directors) also met.  North Texas Mensa's bid to hold the 2013 AG in Fort Worth, Texas was approved.  The AMC also discussed the creation of a Local Group Charter defining the relationship between the local groups and AML.  The proposed charter will be posted on the LocSec's e-list for discussion and will also be made available to members for comment prior to the October AMC meeting. 

Ron and I are now heading into Canada for a few days at the Shakespeare festival in Stratford, Ontario and then on to the Canadian Mensa AG in Ottawa.  Time to start planning for the 2010 joint American and Canadian AG to be held in Dearborn (near Detroit), Michigan.  We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of North American Mensa which included the USA, Canada and Mexico.  Is your local group planning a celebration?   Need ideas, feel free to contact me for suggestions. 

Remember, fall is right around the corner and its not too early to sign up for our fall RGs (regional gatherings): October brings CTWM's MensAutumn followed by Boston's Pilgrimage in November.


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