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RVChat - August 2008
by Lori Norris

Day 19 of our summer odyssey and we’ve been in 14 states and traveled 3,517 miles.  We’ve experienced elevations ranging from 28’ (home in Warwick, Rhode Island) to 11,213’ (driving near Loveland, Colorado) to 14,110’ (the top of Pike’s Peak via the cog railway).  Temperatures have ranged from a low of 42 degrees at the top of Pike’s Peak to a high of 106 degrees in Moab, Colorado.  Mosquitoes were amazingly absent in the mountains but the desert near the Colorado River was full of them – ask Ron about his many donations.  But even though he was being nibbled, it was great fun to watch the bats getting even.  I have taken, so far, 448 pictures (digital cameras are wonderful) and Ron has also taken numerous photos – aren’t you glad that you won’t be subjected to our slide shows.  If you are interested in seeing any, let me know and I’ll be happy to share.

So far I have been surprised by many things: the many wind farms in Kansas; swimming at a campground in Colorado and the only other two people in the pool are from Vermont; taking a water break while hiking in Arches National Park and sharing a shady spot with a couple from Rhode Island; and the amazing number of eastern Europeans vacationing or working in Colorado and Utah.  Of course, that flat tire discovered while exiting the parking garage in Denver was a surprise, but not a pleasant one.

The Annual Gathering (AG) in Denver was a record breaker.  First, registration exceeded 2,000 which was a significant increase over recent AGs.  And with the help of more than 800 Mensans and some non-Mensans, including a bride and groom, Cleveland Area Mensa President Alan Baltis broke the Guinness World Record for the number of hugs given in a one-hour period.  I’m proud to say that I helped.  Knowing as many Mensans as I do, I think this record was created for us to break. What record will we break next?  Any ideas?

Many Region 1 Mensans were in attendance at the AG.  I saw many old friends and made some new ones.  Next year the AG will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; therefore, it will be within a reasonable, in my opinion, driving distance from most of Region 1.  If you have never attended an AG or if it has been many years, I urge you to consider attending the 2009 AG.  I know that many members consider an AG as one of the biggest membership benefits.

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