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RVChat - August 2007
by Lori Norris

As I write this column, the Birmingham 2007 AG is wrapping up.  Approximately 1300 Mensans and guests were in attendance, including both the incoming and outgoing International Chairmen. 

At Saturday evening’s scholarship auction, JOE ZANCA conducted the traditional $5.00 bill auction.  As a result of that extremely successful auction, and including the monies raised earlier in the week, the Joe Zanca Scholarship is now a fully endowed, self-sustaining scholarship under MERF rules, meaning that over $20,000 has been raised in Joe’s name.  Additional donations may be sent to: The Joe Zanca Scholarship, c/o Mensa Education & Research Foundation, 1229 Corporate Dr. W., Arlington, TX 76006-6103.  I join with the rest of Mensa congratulating Joe and offering my thanks for his dedication to Mensa over the years. 

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation awarded the Copper Black Award for Creativity to DR. HARRY RINGERMACHER, a member of Mensa of Northeastern New York.

At the AMC meeting on Saturday morning, the AMC voted to create a Gifted Children Program Award to provide recognition for outstanding service to Mensa’s gifted children program.  Also an Annual Gathering Oversight Study Committee was created.  DR. JOHN SHEEHAN of New Hampshire/Maine Mensa was appointed to the AMC as the Development Officer.  CLAIRE NATOLA, also of New Hampshire/Maine Mensa, was appointed to another term as chair of the Publication Recognition Program.  LISA MAXWELL of Boston Mensa was named as chair of the WorldConnect program. 

RICHARD DOLLIVER of Connecticut/Western Massachusetts Mensa received the Abbie Proctor of the Year Certificate.  Greater New York Mensa’s Culture Quest® team MISHA’S VINEYARD PLAYERS placed 4th in this national event.  Congratulations to all.

The 2008 AG will be held in Denver, Colorado beginning July 2, 2008.  Hope to see many of you there.  Visit for complete details and to register online.

Mid-Hudson’s RG, Mensa Goes to Summer Camp, back after a one-year hiatus, will be held September 7-9, 2007 at the SUNY Ashokan Field Campus (near Woodstock).  This fun-filled weekend will include Mid-Hudson’s very first rubber ducky race.  For more details, go to  My husband and I have attended this RG in the past and I am jealous that I will be unable to join Ron at Ashoken as I will be attending an AMC meeting in Arlington, Texas.  Please feel free to join either one of us.

Lori Norris
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