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What's Cooking in Region 1 - August 2005
by Marghretta McBean

July brought lots of good news and a bit of sadness to our region. Beginning with the positive: the Annual Gathering (AG) in New Orleans was great, even though it was sandwiched between two hurricanes, Cindy and Dennis. Although some chose to leave early, Dennis did not hit The Big Easy as earlier predicted, but flights were delayed or in some cases cancelled on departure day Sunday.

I have appointed an Assistant Regional Vice Chairwoman, Claire Natola (New Hampshire & Maine Mensa, NH&MM). Her appointment was approved at the AMC (American Mensa Committee - Mensa's board of directors) business meeting held during the AG. A Mensan for less than three yearss, she has already shown signs of leadership, determination, and most importantly, a willingness to take initiative. As a resident in the northern part of Region 1, she will be a valuable presence. I believe it is imperative that members of her generation be mentored and groomed for Mensa's future.

The Granite State also contributed another AMC member, that of Development Officer. I was pleased to second the motion to appoint John Sheehan, Ph.D. who is currently the Public Relations officer for NH&MM. Dr. Sheehan will be working to make the Mensa "brand" one of which we can all be proud, and hopefully encourage more folks to become members.

    The Region 1 plaudits were many at the Awards Luncheon:
  • The American Mensa Awards Committee recognised Joe Zanca (NH&MM) for his outstanding service at the national level with a Distinguished Service Award including life membership.
  • The ABBIE Proctor of the Year Committee bestowed a Regional Honourable Mention for the second time to Clotilde Cepeda former Proctor Coordinator of Greater New York Mensa (GNYM). Through her kindness, courtesy and superior organisational skills, Cloty has demonstrated how important a good proctor is to the recruitment and retention of new members.
  • CultureQuest® XVI had teams of Mensans from the U.S. and Canada who matched wits, with the top twenty groups winning money for their local group. A tip o' the hat to Misha's Vineyard Players, under the leadership of Greg Draves (GNYM) who placed 9th overall.
  • The Publications Recognition Program (PRP) presented Angela Tremain (Mid-Hudson Mensa) its Best Newsletter (Small Group) Award for her editorship of the Mid-Mensan. Angela's winning of the Recognition Award last year seemed to have inspired her to set even higher standards, which did not go unnoticed.
  • A Mensa Recognition Award was presented to Claire Natola, the editor of NH&MM's Momentum. This was Claire's first volunteer "opportunity" and in less than two years under her editorship, the fruits of her labours have been recognised nationally.

I am pleased to report that Mary Jo Kelleher (Mensa of the Southern Tier) has generously agreed to volunteer once again as Region 1's Scholarship Chair. Mary Jo will be coordinating with local groups' scholarship committees to forward their selections that merit regional and/or national evaluation.

It is with deep sadness that I note the deaths of Frederic "Fred" Carlin (GNYM) and Stuart "Stu" Lucas (Northern New Jersey Mensa). Fred's passion was Mensa, as anyone who was a recipient of his emails or telephone calls can attest. Stu's verbal wit was unsurpassed. Both men will be missed.

It has been said that where people eat garlic, happiness abounds. The garlic specialties of the Provence region of France are renown, and aïoli (eye-oh-LEE) is the most famous. Aïoli is the name of a dish and also the sauce which accompanies it. The sauce contains twelve (or more) cloves of garlic. The dish consists of an assortment of poached salt cod (bacalao), quartered tomatoes, steamed vegetables (e.g. zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, artichokes, chick peas: served hot or room temperature) and hard-boiled eggs. Purists serve snails as well. I am not a purist.:


  • 12* (or more: I use an entire head) cloves garlic, peeled and finely minced
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 Tbl. boiling water
  • ½ Tbl. salt (or to taste)
  • Ground white pepper to taste
  • 1¼ cups peanut oil*
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1 Tbl. (approx.) lemon juice
    1. Place garlic in large bowl and add egg yolks. Beat with whisk or electric mixer.
    2. Add water, salt and pepper rapidly.
    3. Add peanut oil, drop by drop, until more than half has been added. (Mixture will be thick.)
    4. Continue to beat mixture as the rest of the peanut oil and all of the olive oil are added by pouring in a thin stream. (If you have someone to do the pouring, so much the better.)
    5. Beat in the lemon juice.

    *For a milder taste, use less garlic and/or vegetable oil (e.g. safflower)

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