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RVC Chat - August 2011
by Andrew Heffernan

Having survived my first America Mensa Committee Meeting in Portland this month, I have returned home to settle into the new job of Regional Vice Chair. It is with great pleasure that one of my first actions is to congratulate Vermont Mensa for winning Group of the Year. This is a great honour for Vermont Mensa, as this award is designed to award fostering participation, engage members and volunteers, and of course, providing a fun and intellectual experience for all.

Other great achievements in the region include a local member of Mid-Hudson submitting a winning entry for the Leadership Development Contest. Mary Ellen Ott submitted an Teambuilding / IceBreaker idea and won for her local group a Leadership Development Event worth up to $1000. I am looking forward to supporting Mid-Hudson in their LDW efforts as we have seen the benefits of these events in many of the local groups over the last several years. Another achievement by Region 1 members is their participation and excellence in Culture Quest. The team "Ichabod Crania" from Greater New York Mensa and captained by Patty Buethe placed 9th place in the country and won over $100 for their local group. All great examples of what makes the Northeast a great Mensa region.

All of these awards could not be accomplished if it were not for volunteers. And I would like to thank all of the local, and regional volunteers. I am also asking new volunteers to step forward. There are many local and regional jobs to be filled. Some are short and sweet (Bring chips to game night), and others can last years (Chauffeur the RVC). But they all are satisfying and fun. Contact your local officers for opportunities today. Regionally, we are looking for a Scholarship Chair. If you are interested in helping the youth succeed, Mensa awards over $50,000 in scholarships each year, and we are looking for a Regional Scholarship Chair to facilitate this years awards. Please contact me to volunteer, or with questions.

Andrew Heffernan

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