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RVChat - July 2010
by Lori Norris

Congratulations to four Region 1 Local Groups for receiving nominations from the Publications Recognition Program.  Mensa of Northeastern New York received several nominations for their newsletter.  Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Mensa, Mid-Hudson Mensa, and New Hampshire Mensa were each nominated based on their web sites.  Winners will be announced at the Annual Gathering in July.  Good luck.

In conjunction with the AG, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History will be presenting a display of prominent African American Mensans.  Sounds intriguing to me.  The museum will be discounting admission and gift shop items for us.  And, surprising to me, there are many more museums in Detroit than I was aware of.  Unless I am mistaken, the AG committee has arranged for a continuous shuttle service to the Ford Museum (which contains more than just transportation related materials).  If you are going to be at the AG, try to connect with some of our international members (about a dozen countries other than the US and Canada will be represented) – some will be giving talks and they sound interesting.  Also at the AG will be the AMC meeting (national board of directors) as well as the Annual Business Meeting – your chance to be heard.  Interested in getting more involved in Mensa, attend some of the Leadership Development Workshops (LDW). 

Following the AG, Ron and I hope to make our annual trek to the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario.  It's about a three-hour drive from the AG, and they have some wonderful shows, and not only Shakespeare plays.  We're hoping that some other Mensans may be able to join us.  If you'd like any information on Stratford, please contact me.

At the end of July, Ron and I will be heading to the Czech Republic to attend the European Mensas Annual Gathering (EMAG), their third, to be held in Prague.  I have never been to Europe and am looking forward to a bit of traveling before the gathering – Rome, Venice, Vienna.  I'm excited.  After the gathering, we hope to travel around the Czech Republic, Germany and then up to Copenhagen.  It is going to be an exciting trip; we'll be visiting some sites that I have always dreamed of.  So much to see and so little time, but who needs sleep – that's what sleeper cars on trains are for. 

And don't forget there will be a Region 1 lunch at the AG on Wednesday (June 30th), right before the AG starts.  Contact me for more details.  As well as being involved in many of the planned events, I hope to be able to find time to play games and hang out in hospitality with friends, old and newly met. 


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