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Articles from 2009

RVChat - September 2009
by Lori Norris

September brings with it some exciting testing news:  Free GMAT prior evidence review – tell your friends and family.  For more details, see AML's web site.  In addition, pre-paid vouchers for testing are now available on the web site.  By purchasing pre-paid vouchers, proctors can be freed from collecting cash at testing sites.

Is your local group participating in the Mensa Foundation Scholarship program?  Now is a good time to contact your local chair and volunteer to help out.  If your local group is not participating in the scholarship program, now is also a good time to begin discussions with your ExComm to participate in the future. I feel that the scholarship program is one of the things that Mensa does well. 

The next AMC (American Mensa Committee, or the national board of directors) meeting is being held in Arlington, TX the fourth weekend of October.  The agenda should be available on the Inside AML web site in mid-September.  If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to have discussed, please contact me. That weekend will include the annual planning meeting.  Go to to review the planning process to date and see how you can participate OR e-mail any comments directly to me.

Next month begins the northeast's RG (regional gathering) season with CTWM's MensAutumn being held the weekend of October 16-18 followed by Boston's Pilgrimage beginning on November 20th.  Hope to see you at one of them. 

A Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) is planned for the first weekend of October near Albany, New York.  The primary focuses of this LDW will be Gen Y, Gen X participation and family events.  Please contact me for additional information. 

Following the 2009 Annual Gathering in Pittsburgh, Ron and I traveled to Canada and participated in the 2009 Mensa Canada AG held in Ottawa, Ontario, a beautiful city.  It is amazing how quickly new friends are made within Mensa whenever we travel.  We look forward to seeing some of these folds at the 2010 joint American and Canadian AG to be held in Dearborn (near Detroit), Michigan during which we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of North American Mensa.  We finished up our summer vacation with a few days in Petawawa, Ontario and then some time in Quebec.  While in Quebec, we found a small bed and breakfast housed on an exotic meat farm.  I fed bagels to buffaloes the first morning; they were very friendly buffaloes but the young were shy.  And then on to Montreal to visit some Mensa friends. 

In August, we were thrilled to attend a weekend open-house in Ripley, Maine and meet more Maine Mensans.  A great time was had by all.  I look forward to hosting a Friday games night at our home in September as well as getting back to hosting the Mystic, CT dinner.

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