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Articles from 2008

RVChat - September 2008
by Lori Norris

Hello from Wyoming.  Traveling from the state to the western part of the country is awesome.  The scale out here is so big.  You can see mountains in the distance and then spend the better part of the day driving towards them.  We have watched storms from 60-80 miles away.  It has been quite the experience.  We are now heading east and by the time you read this we will be back in Rhode Island. 

We have seen many amazing natural wonders, but just as impressive, if not more so, have been some of the engineering marvels we have seen – the Golden Gate Bridge, the mile long tunnel through a mountain in Zion National Park completed in the 192’s (I believe) and the roads.  We’ve crossed desserts and traveled through mountain passes and along winding coastal highways.  It boogles the mind to imagine the first person to propose some of these roads; who would have ever believed that it could be done.  Without those forward-thinking folds many of our travels would not be possible.  Of course, I’d have preferred that the repairs and road construction could have waited until the fall but in many places we’ve traveled snow starts falling in September.  And when a rock slide swallows a section of highway, it does need to be repaired or a detour designed rather quickly.

W’ve also taken the opportunity to try some new foods.  For the first time I’ve had freshly picked apricots and pluots (plum/apricot); both were slightly tart but wonderful.  After trying two Mexican dishes with cactus, I’ve decided that since I have cactus growing in my front yard I need to learn how to cook them.  It seems like a great way to keep the plants under control.  Also tried a couple of new kinds of meat including buffalo salami and elk roast.

With September begins the fall Regional Gathering (RG) season.  Unfortunately, Mid-Hudson Mensa is taking a hiatus from hosting their ever-popular camping RG this month.  Hopefully, it will return next year.  Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Mensa will be holding MensAutumn in October and Boston Mensa will be hosting Pilgrimage in November.  Now is the time to make plans to attend either, or both, of these gatherings.  Check out the local group websites for more information and to register.  I am looking forwardto both weekends and hope to see you there or at some other upcoming event.


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