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RVC Chat - September 2011
by Andrew Heffernan

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, that's what the commercials on TV for Staples tell us. Images of parents skipping and jumping down the isles buying school supplies for the kids. I remember always being excited for the first day of school. Excited that this year I would challenged, this year the school work would be harder, more in depth, stretch my mind. And around the third week of school each year I was saddened by the reality that it was another year of getting in trouble for talking in class because I was too bored with repeating the same material over and over. If you are a student this year, I cam empathize. If you are a parent of a gifted child, good luck!

Each year, American Mensa offers scholarships to post-secondary students. The opening date for submissions is September 15th. Visit for more details. These scholarships are open to all students, and Mensa membership is not a requirement to win. Also, if you would like to volunteer to help with the scholarship program in your local group, contact your LocSec today. We are still looking for a Region 1 Scholarship Chair for the 2011-2012 season. If you are interested in helping out by coordinating regional scholarship activities, please contact me. It really is a great way to get involved, without being over-worked. As with most Mensa positions, there are lots of people to help you along the way, including myself.

In August I had the great chance to visit the Boston area. While in town I was lucky to stumble upon a Mensa dinner in Newton, Ma. About 20 Mensans enjoyed a dinner filled with great conversation. Thank you to Tom Birchmire for hosting in Newton. And thank you to David MacGregor, the host of MoNNY's weekly dinner that I skipped that week. ;-)

The next American Mensa Committee Meeting is September 9th, 2011. My next column will have an update from that meeting. September also brings RechaRGe to Mensa of Northeastern NY and MensAutumn to Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Mensa. October will bring Wicked Good to Boston. All wonderful Regional events!! See you there. I will also be updating the Region 1 Facebook page frequently, join today!

Andrew Heffernan

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