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RVChat - August 2010
by Lori Norris

For my August column, I asked attendees at the 2010 Annual Gathering (AG) in Dearborn. [Each sentence is from a different person.]

Running tournaments. Mr. Mensa contestants. 1:00 a.m. Hunt for conies. Drinking the gay flag at Pretentious Drinking. Doc Harry and his presentation. Spontaneous SIGs like elevator SIG. Fireworks. Talks by Mensans and non-Mensans. Presentation of 50 years of Mensa and the gala. Delighted to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in a decade. People – new and old friends. Seeing my son thrive and fit in with other teens. Anticipation of tonight's lingerie show. Getting out of the taxi and the first person I saw coming out of the hotel was an old friend and the week kept improving. Listening to the last surviving crewman of the Enola Gay and hearing his personal perspective.

Beginning of the gala dance – all generations were dancing together and having fun. Being an answer in the Teen SIG scavenger hunt which had the teens interacting with the adults. Feeling useful by sharing information during a discussion. It was really neat seeing the faces of people being recognized at the Awards Luncheon.

I have had a difficult family situation for a while and have enjoyed being able to just hang in hospitality and relax with fellow Mensans. Coming across the world and being able to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Walking into hospitality after a long trip and seeing all the friendly faces and feeling that I've come home. Being partnered with someone a third my age in a tournament and having a great time. As a newbie, sitting down at a table with a couple of people that I hadn't met and having such a good time that I forgot to go to the presentation. The free soda machine. I arrived after midnight, and there were hundreds of people in hospitality when I expected one or two people. Great party. Getting my 10th GOTYA. At my first AG, I only knew 3 people and now, ten years later, I know so many people. So many talented, creative people. Volunteering in registration – enjoyed meeting first-timers. Impromptu sing-a-longs outside of hospitality with people drifting in and out.

Camaraderie and lingerie. I've had several people came up to me this weekend and tell me that after hearing me talk at past gatherings that they remember me and thank me – that's thrilling to me. Holy shoot – only one! The improv get-together at Open Mic last night. Times up Tournament. SIGs, old friends. Vermont winning Group of the Year. Running into people that I had seen last year and they were happy to see me. People that I met. Becoming a Hell's M member. Getting the bid for the 2014 AG. Hot tub. As always, seeing old friends. Renewing old friendships. A math limerick (A dozen, a gross and a score; plus three times the square root of four; divided by seven plus five times eleven equals nine squared; and not a bit more). The anticipation of next year's AG in Portland, Oregon.

Enjoy your summer.


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