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RVChat - October 2007
by Lori Norris

I attended the September AMC meeting in Arlington, Texas and meet the National Office staff.  I’m no fool, a long weekend in Texas, across the street from Six Flags.  It sounded like quite a deal.  Swimming pool, hot tub, now this is life.  Only problem, there was business to take care of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Where did my vacation go?  There was the AMC meeting, committee meetings, RVC meetings, planning meetings and precious little sleep.  Fortunately, I had a late afternoon flight out Sunday so I spent a couple of hours with a book at the pool.  Very strange.  From the pool, I could see the roller coasters and other thrill rides.  Periodically I would hear someone screaming.   It tempted me to consider a trip to an amusement park when I got home, but who am I kidding, I don’t like heights.  As a kid I rode roller coasters at Conneaut Lake Park and Cedar Point.  In college, I was thrilled by the Cyclone at Rocky Point in Rhode Island and Space Mountain at Disney World.  I don’t know why but now I'm terrified of roller coasters.  Maybe I’ll try again and get beyond the kiddie roller coasters at Six Flags New England.  No, this isn’t a challenge just an observation that life continues to evolve and challenge as in most aspects.

In October, Ron and I will be attending MensAutumn’s “Fabulous Fifties” in Manchester, Connecticut from October 5 through 7.  For more information, check out C&WM Mensa’s website at  We will be reading (okay, I’ve already read them, but Ron will be reading) Son of a Witch and Light on Snow for two different Mensa bookclubs.  We’ll be dining with fellow Mensans at a Portuguese restaurant, a “real” New York diner and at a pub.  And we’ll be hosting one of my favorite events, a games night at our house on October 12th.  If you’re in the area give me a call, we’d love to see you.  Mensans like book and collect many more books than their homes can accommodate, we are starting a book adoption event to find good homes for some of our favorite books.  The adoption process begins at our games night. 

And what will you be doing? 

I am interested in finding out what you are doing with Mensa.  When and how did you first hear about Mensa?  What prompted you to join?  (I first heard of Mensa through a Readers’ Digest article in the late 1980s.  My husband heard about Mensa ‘reading’ Playboy’s Women of Mensa article which prompted him to join and then he met me 20 years later.)   Drop me an e-mail ( or a snail mail and let me know what brought you to Mensa.

Check out the updated Region 1 website at Suggestions and photos are requested.


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