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RVC Chat - June 2012
by Andrew Heffernan

Summer is a time for BBQ, family outings and vacations across the country. Where are you heading this summer? Many Mensa members in the Region will be starting their summer with Boston Mensa's mini-RG at Cape Cod. Few formal activities are planned and the atmosphere is much like a vacation home. Or so I have been told. I look forward to attending for the first time this year.

As the summer heats up we will also be looking forward to Vermont's first Regional Gathering and some of us will be traveling to Reno, Nevada for the Annual gathering. For those who have not been, the Annual Gathering is 2000 of your fellow Mensans attending lectures, socializing and participating in Leadership Development Workshops. A fantastic place to learn new things, meet new people, or maybe meetup with some old friends. Rounding out the summer will be RechaRGe in Albany, NY on Labour Day weekend. An extra long Regional Gathering hosted by Mensa of Northeastern New York. My father will be traveling from Canada to attend this one, so it will be an extra special event for me.

Recently, the National Ombudsman published an opinion that American Mensa should abide by it's own rules and provide the same rights and privileges to every member without qualification or limitation, or change the rules to reflect the desired practice. The Ombudsman, David Cahn, was specifically referring to Special Interest Groups such as, but not limited to, Generation X and Generation Y SIGS that a member insists he was denied access to due to not being born within specific years. The article with more details is posted on the Region 1 website, as well as in the Region 1 Facebook page. I want to hear your thoughts on the matter, as I am sure it will be a topic of discussion at upcoming Board meetings.

Andrew Heffernan

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