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RVC Chat - October 2011
by Andrew Heffernan

October is Mensa Brilliant. A time for all Mensans to share their brilliance with the world. In your Mensa Bulletin you will find more information, and some coupons to share with your friends and family. During the month of October those who present this coupon can save 15 dollars off the price of testing or prior evidence evaluation. AND participating in Brilliant events can bring rewards for your local group too. Like extra cash for events, t-shirts and fame. Well, maybe not fame. In addition, you can visit Mensa on Youtube ( and see some brilliant videos. I challenge you to make your own Brilliant video. Let's see you and your M friends being your wonderful selves.

I recently attended the American Mensa Board meeting in Dallas Fort Worth and from that experience I was reminded of one very important fact. Communication is not always natural, and sometimes it needs to be initiated. Myself, when I think of an idea, or a problem for a long time (days, weeks, months) I re-run many of the same thoughts over and over. To the point that they become second nature. Then, when I finally try to communicate a solution with a peer they look at me like I am crazy. Why? Because they have not been with me on my journey of learning the solution. And all of my unspoken thought processes are ... well, unspoken. This used to be very frustrating for me. It affected my work, my personal life, relationships. I expected everyone to "see" the beauty of my ideas. And I felt it was a waste of my time to backtrack and show everyone why I was right. But then I realized that everyone else was not the problem. I was. I learned to share my problems, describe the pieces clearly as I saw, and then share with others my thoughts and assumptions. Not only did others value being part of the solution process, but it brought their ideas together with mine. I'm smart, but with my friends, co-workers, family and fellow M's beside me... We're Brilliant.

Come visit me at an upcoming Regional Gathering in the area. Connecticut and Western Mass, MensAutumn - September 30th. Boston Mensa, Wicked Good - October 28th. New Hampshire, Granite Gathering - February 17th. Surprise visits can happen at any time!! To keep up to date join the Region 1 Mensa Facebook group.

Andrew Heffernan

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