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RVChat - September 2010
by Lori Norris

The 2010 Annual Gathering (AG) is now a distant memory. But autumn brings the start of the Region 1 Regional Gathering (RG) season starting in October with Connecticut & Western Massachusetts' “MensAutumn” and Boston's “Wicked Good! RG”followed by Maine's “Shop ME” in November. Hope to see you at one of these events. Details are available on the local groups' web sites.

Speaking of AGs – congratulations to Boston Mensa for being awarded the 2014 AG; co-chairs Claire Natola and Deb Stone. The last Region 1 AG was in 1994 in Cambridge; many of you were probably in attendance there (I wasn't). Let's show the world how New England throws a party.

At this year's Awards Lunch, Region 1 groups received several awards. Vermont Mensa was awarded the GOTYA Class V (Group of the Year for group size of less than 100 members) and also received an Prolific Owl Honorable Mention for outstanding membership growth. GNYM's CultureQuest team of Misha's Vineyard Players led by Greg Draves placed 14th in the competition and received a cash award. Boston Mensa won the regional “LDW Name the Event Contest” thanks to David Wolff's entry of “VIP: Volunteer Improvement Program.” Webmaster Bill Alleman of NH Mensa brought home the PRP (Publications Recognition Program) award for Outstanding Web Site (Medium Group). MoNNY scored the national award for best Calendar and Mensa Awareness, and Outstanding Newsletter – Small Group [thank you Editor John Hornberger]. Check my math, that's 5 groups out of 13 local groups, so 38% of Region 1 local groups won an award. Can we increase that next year? I was disappointed to see that no local groups had submitted a nomination for recognition by the Community Activities Program (CAP). I know that many of our groups participate in events to benefit the community. That includes book, food and/or clothing drives, judges for Odyssey of the Mind, mentoring, public TV/radio fundraising, etc. I may have to nag each and every one of you to submit your projects for recognition at next year's AG. Not only is it great to receive recognition from your Mensa family, but think of the publicity we can generate if we want to. Let me know what your local group is doing.

As part of the Mensa International Leadership Exchange Program, I presented leadership development programs at the AG and European Mensas Annual Gathering (EMAG) in Prague. There were over 400 people from about 30 countries in attendance. I found that while there were many differences in the way these two gatherings were organized, that the Mensans were indeed very similar. We all like to talk (the noise level in the gathering rooms were identical), meet new people, express opinions and learn new ideas and concepts. Talk to me about some of the other differences. After EMAG, Ron and I stretched the vacation into some time in Germany (especially Dresden) and Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautiful countries and friendly residents.

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