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RVChat - November 2009
by Lori Norris

Well, November is here and we’re celebrating by turning on the furnace and closing most of the windows.

October was a busy month in my Mensa life.  There was the Leadership Development Workshop, C&WM’s MensAutumn, the AMC meeting (board of directors), and a half-dozen local group events.

The LDW attracted over 20 members representing 9 of the 13 local groups in Region 1.  We discussed a number of timely topics including: “Hosting a National Event,” “Getting People Involved,” and “Family Events.”  Some of the presentations have been placed on the Region 1 website, as well as some pictures.  See  Much discussion revolved around utilizing technology to enhance the Mensa experience.  By the time you read this, the Mensa Region 1 Facebook group should be operational.  I hope that we can use this group to share information about local group events that would appeal to members from nearby groups.  We are fortunate in this region that many members live an easily traveled distance from neighboring groups.  I also hope that by using this Facebook group we can become acquainted with members from around the region and when we meet, we’ll already be friends.  My husband has often said that Mensans are just friends we haven’t met yet.  Also, the Region 1 e-list, geared toward officers and other interested members, is coming back to life.  I don’t think we, the members of Region 1, have been utilizing this list but I will now be monitoring it and contributing and, hopefully, we will have some interesting Mensa-centered discussions.  To join, go to the Inside AML website, click on communications and then e-lists.  If you’re an officer, check out some of the other e-lists that you may be eligible to join.

I’m writing this column prior to MensAutumn being held so I can’t tell you what a good time we had, but I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend.  And in next month’s column, I’ll fill you in on some of the happenings from the AMC meeting as well.

At a local group dinner, we had the pleasure of meeting a member who had recently moved to the area to attend a local college.  She hadn’t been able to attend other events because of transportation issues (no car and not much of a public transportation system).  Upon hearing that, several people offered her a ride home.  The host of another event was present and told her to contact him if she was interested in attending that event and he’d see if one of the other guests could provide transportation.  About half of the attendees volunteered to help out in the future.  Since then I’ve heard of another college student in a different local group with the same dilemma and I’m trying to put her in touch with the right people to help her out.  This makes me wonder if there are more college students in our area who we should be trying to reach.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Maybe I’ll see you this month at Boston’s RG – Pilgrimage.  Have a good Thanksgiving. 


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