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RVChat - November 2007
by Lori Norris

November: the traditional month for giving thanks.  But as I discovered years ago, life is much simpler when I make the effort to be thankful every day or at least most days.  And I’m thankful for:  my family, my husband, that my son is happy.  I’m thankful for a job that I enjoy.  And I’m continually thankful for Mensa, the friends I’m making, the fun that I’m having and the increased self-confidence I’ve achieved.   But, of course, I still enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I confess I am one of those people out shopping in the wee hours the morning after Thanksgiving.  We shop for Adopt-a-family for Christmas gifts and we get some great buys.  It feels good to shop for those less fortunate than us and even better to be able to get more for less.

In October, Ron and I attended Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Mensa’s MensAutumn.  It was a very interesting weekend.  First off, all the meals were included in the price of registration and the food was good.  Speakers were varied and included dance lessons, Celtic lore, TV from the sixties and now and, to continue the dog tradition, a representative from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation brought her foster dog to spend some time with us.  If you’ve ever been interested in raising a seeing eye dog, check out their website.  Okay, there’s food and speakers, what have I forgotten.  Oh, the people.  We spent time with a couple from Ohio who were spending a week touring New England.  I also had the pleasure of meeting a former national chairman from Australia.  Bill Fisher and his wife Cyndi are combining a six-week vacation touring the U.S. and enjoying as many Mensa events as they can.  They flew out the day after the RG heading for Yellowstone Park and plan on returning for Liberty Bell and then Chicago’s Weem.  So far, I haven’t made it to Weem, but from what I’ve heard it’s one heck of a party!  Someday, hopefully, we’ll be able to attend. 

As I write this column, Ron and I are awaiting the arrival of our guests for a games night.  Our Australian friends taught me a new way of playing scrabble, fast-moving and competitive.  It requires a quick mind and fast fingers.  It’s called Grabble and I look forward to playing it. 

November brings Summer of Love brought to us by Boston Mensa.  Come celebrate the summer of 1967.  I was much too young to remember that year, but I’m sure it’ll be great fun.  And my husband gets to wear some of his tie-died t-shirts (how can one man own so many).   Check out the website at  Hope to see you there or somewhere.


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