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RVC Chat - November 2011
by Andrew Heffernan

In October, Mensa was Brilliant! There were lots of testing sessions throughout the region. Some groups earned extra cash, others prizes, and T-shirts. A special thanks to all the welcoming Proctors, Testing Coordinators, (Vice) Loc Secs and many more who helped make this month so successful. Also, I have heard of several great testing locations in the region and I would like to thank the members and friends who found testing locations for the testing sessions. Without these locations we would have to test in the middle of the street, or a field. Not bad in the summer... but the snow is almost here.

Now that we have tested so many of the prospects... we need to spread the word, and help others find Mensa. Prospects are waiting around every corner. Whether they heard of Mensa on Facebook, Youtube, from a friend or family member, on TV, or were told by a member they should join, they’re out there. Many of you remember the first time you heard of the organization or how you felt when you first realized you wanted to join. The excitement you felt is what each prospective member should feel.

Encourage regularly scheduled testing in your area and remember there are alternative ways to qualify. American Mensa accepts the results of more than 200 standardized intelligence tests, and you never know which ones each prospect has taken over the course of his or her lifetime. For more information on how to apply through prior scores, encourage your prospects to visit If you would like to get involved contact your Loc Sec or President for more information on how to qualify as a proctor. There are many other ways to help as well! Sometimes a friendly "hello" is all it takes to make somebody feel welcome and at ease during a testing session.

Did you know that you can give brochures or pass along Bulletins to friends, colleagues, family members, or even strangers. Take advantage of the endless opportunities! Some of you might have seen the old pass along Bulletins. But they have been redesigned! New faces, new articles. And a new format. Contact myself or the National office to find out how to get your hands on some of these mad loots to share with your friends. For more help with your recruiting efforts, email

I received several letters from members this month. Some were feedback, others were questions. I LOVE IT!! I will do my best to address your concerns. Keep them coming!

Andrew Heffernan

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