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RVChat - December 2009
by Lori Norris

In October, Ron and I attended C&WM's MensAutumn and had a great time.  C&WM is my home group, so instead of just attending the RG, we were involved in the planning and execution of the RG.  There were over 100 folks in attendance, wonderful hospitality, Ron's margaritas at the tiki bar, Oktoberfest, great speakers and many interesting conversations.  Already looking forward to next year's event.  In November we will be attending Pilgrimage hosted by Boston Mensa – always a great time.  Volunteering at a regional gathering (or annual gathering, or any other event) is a great way to meet people.  For those of us who are on the introverted side, having a job to do seems to make it easier to talk to others.  Talk to your RG chair or a member of your ExComm if you would be interested in volunteering with your group.  

Don't forget to register for the 2010 Annual Gathering (AG) which will be a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mensa in North America and will be a joint gathering of American Mensa and Mensa Canada.  Registration goes up after December 31st.  Go to AML's webpage to register and for additional information.  And there will be many opportunities for you to volunteer at the AG.

In case you haven't heard the good news, Mensa of Northeastern New York was awarded the privilege of hosting Mind Games® 2011 which will be held in April of that year.  It is within driving distance, train distance, etc. of a large section of Region 1.  Keep an eye on their website ( because I'm sure that they will be looking for volunteers.  The 2010 Mind Games will be in San Diego the weekend of April 16-18.  I've only been to one Mind Games, but would like to attend more.   

Mensa Region 1 Facebook group is up to 118 members – are you one of them?  We're exchanging thoughts and event invitations and having some discussions, but we miss you.

I've mentioned volunteering a few times in this column and I wonder if any of the local groups do any volunteering (or community activities) as a group.  I know that Greater New York does; they were recognized by the Community Activities Program at the AG in 2009.  I also know that as individuals, many of us give something back to our communities.  I would love to hear your comments on: 1) whether we, the local groups, should become more active in community volunteerism; 2) what are your suggestions: and 3) would you be willing to host a group of Mensans in a project, perhaps something you're already involved in.  Let me know (e-mail, Facebook or any other means) what you think.

I hope everyone has a good holiday season (if you celebrate) or a great ending to this year.  2010 is next and it just feels like we were wondering/worrying about Y2K.  How time flies – now I sound like an old lady!


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