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RVChat - November 2010
by Lori Norris

In September, Ron and I attended Vermont Mensa’s lunch followed by fruit picking. I had never seen white raspberries before – but they are wonderful and I have several pints in the freezer. We also picked apples and brought home a bushel and a half. Froze some, ate many and turned the rest into many apple crisps and baked apples. I am married to a teacher so I wonder why are students supposed to bring an apple for the teacher – can someone tell me? Following our afternoon in Vermont, we headed to Albany and enjoyed MoNNY’s games night. We stayed up much too late and then headed for home in the morning, but first a stop at C&WM’s New Member’s Picnic.

October was the host month for Mensa Testing Day (“MTD”) so there was some good publicity all over the place. Did everyone see USA Today on October 11th, Andrew Heffernan’s picture was included? [I made the front page of the Providence (RI) Journal.] Andrew is running for my current position – RVC1 – in next year’s Mensa elections as I have decided that after 4 years you have all probably had your fill of me. Seriously, I have always said that I would serve as RVC until a great replacement stepped forward, and I think that Andrew is that. He is currently the President/LocSec of MoNNY (Northeastern NY) and I am impressed with his energy and dedication to Mensa. I have decided to seek ‘higher office’ and am running for 2nd Vice Chair. If you are looking to get involved in national Mensa now is the time to think about it. There are many committees that are looking for members (for one year terms that expire June 30th). What are your interests, is there something that you could sink your teeth into? Talk to me (e-mail is preferable) and maybe your skills are exactly what we’ve been looking for.

If you’re more interested in Mensa International, this may be your chance. The Leadership Development Committee is seeking three Leaders of Tomorrow to participate in the Leadership Exchange Program (LEP) during American Mensa’s AG and at the European Mensas’ Annual Gathering. The best candidates will be confident and outgoing and have a proven track record in leadership and be eager to learn from others. If you are interested, please either contact me or submit your name to Deadline is November 11, 2011 – sorry for the short notice.

I am looking forward to Maine Mensa’s “Shop ME” in Freeport, Maine the weekend of November 5-7. I understand that this is near L.L. Bean’s first and largest store which is open 24 hours a day, so when the games room starts quieting down in the wee hours, I’ll have something to do. I am desperately in need of new slippers. And there are many outlet stores nearby. Mensans, games, hospitality and bargains to boot (or slipper).

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