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As a member of American Mensa, you enjoy the benefits of belonging to both the national and worldwide organizations. You're also part of a smaller group based in your immediate area that hosts weekly programs and activities. Your local chapter, or Local Group, publishes a calendar of activities each month in its newsletter; these activities usually include business meetings, guest speakers, game nights, gifted youth activities and Special Interest Group meetings.

Each Local Group is unique, and programs and frequency of events vary. However, each Local Group is made up of individuals who provide an intellectual and social environment like no other. Local Group activities provide the opportunity to form acquaintances in your neighborhood... and these acquaintances often grow into friendships that can last a lifetime.

Region 1 (North East) includes thirteen local groups covering the states of ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, NY, and parts of NJ.
Current RVC Column

Region 1 Roundup - October 2015
by Lisa Maxwell

Region 1 Roundup

I just returned from Mensa of Northeastern New York's RechaRGe regional gathering (RG), held each Labor Day weekend in the Albany NY area. What a fantastic event! A weekend full of fun activities with something for everyone - speakers, games, themed parties, hospitality (food, drink and conversation) and more.

If you have never attended an RG, you are missing out on one of the best benefits of your membership. Gatherings are typically hosted by local chapters; all members and their guests are welcome at any event, not just in your local group or region, but anywhere in the world.

This month there are two events in our region - register, attend and find out just what you've been missing!
- October 10-11 - Harvest Weekend and Games Night - Bethel CT - hosted by Southern CT Mensa -
- October 30 - November 1 - Wicked Good! 50th birthday party - Fitchburg, MA - hosted by Boston Mensa -

It's Official!
Our next Region1 Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) will take place on Saturday November 7th in Albany NY. Join us for a fun, hands-on day of leadership workshops created to help you help your local chapter.

Cost to attend, including Friday night hospitality and Saturday catered lunch is free to all members - FREE! Low hotel rates have been negotiated for the weekend - local groups have the option to fund their members by covering the hotel costs. This is an investment in the future of your local group. Did I mention that the event is FREE?

Topics will include:
• Recruitment & Retention Overview
• Conflict Resolution
• Getting People Involved
• Build Your Proctor Network

Benefits of attending the LDW:
• Opportunity to network with others who have experienced the same issues - share the knowledge.
• Local groups with members who attend will receive points toward their annual Jewel Awards.
• Most important, attendees will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and then apply what they've learned to help their local groups thrive.

Spots are limited - register today!

Next AMC meeting - Sept 12, 2015
By the time you are reading this column, the second AMC meeting of the current term will have taken place. Since I don't own a crystal ball, I don't yet know what discussions or decisions occurred at that meeting but will be sure to report back next month; the meeting minutes will also be made available online.

October is Mensa Membership Month - Mensa Testing Day is Saturday, Oct. 17. Has your local group scheduled one or more testing sessions for this day or during the month of October?
This is your opportunity to take advantage of the added publicity this month, so schedule your test sessions right away! Testing prospective members in your area helps your local group grow. Who knows, that person you test today may become an active member of your chapter, volunteering to host events or taking on a leadership role, and that in turn enhances your membership experience.

This month's question for you… What is your favorite Mensa membership benefit?
Is it a regular event you attend? A Special Interest Group (SIG) you belong to? Being able to volunteer and share your talents while giving back to the organization? Is it being able to connect with other members via social networking? Or do you just enjoy having the Mensa membership card in your wallet? Let me know and I will share your responses in an upcoming column.

Lisa Maxwell
Lisa Maxwell, of New Hampshire Mensa, is the
Region 1 RVC (Regional Vice Chairman)

Lisa Maxwell
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