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Welcome to the American Mensa Region 1 web site. Region 1 includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York (excluding Western New York Mensa and Rochester Area Mensa), the northern portion of New Jersey (including the Newark area) and a portion of northeastern Pennsylvania. Twelve local groups comprise the region.

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RVC Chat - September 2012
by Andrew Heffernan

By the time you read this the Board of Directors will have most likely already had their most recent meeting. But, maybe not. This meeting is very important as it is one of only two before elections are held. Many of the Board members are working towards another term. Some in new positions, others in the same position. I will be running for Regional Vice Chair of Region 1 again this year. This could lead to my second term as your representation and liason to American Mensa.

The meeting in September will have a motion for raising dues for Mensa. I agree that raising dues to adapt to inflation is necessary. Others would argue this point. I also agree that projecting for flat membership numbers empowers the Executive Director to improve, by not drastically lowering the budget. (Revenue is calculated at $/member. Lower projected members, and the whole budget goes down.) Others would argue this as well. The part I do not agree with is justification of expenses and current non-dues revenue.

Mensa spends A LOT of money. And last year I sat in on the budget meeting. The Finance Committee and staff do a lot of work to prepare for that meeting, and the meeting itself is long and difficult as it contains so many details. And I believe completely that every member of that committee is trying to do their best for the organization. I also have the opinion that more transparent justification for expenses could be made. This is not unique to Mensa. This is not unique to volunteer organizations. But it certainly is an area that we can improve. When I say transparent, it means that I know MANY of the expenses are justified, and necessary... it just needs the documentation to support it. This way, Board members can make better, informed decisions.

New Revenue. Mensa is awesome! No doubt in my mind, it is the most wonderful organization I have ever connected with. But Mensa can be GREAT. There are many layers and angles that would need to be covered to accomplish this. Marketing, Publicity, Branding, Liscensing, and much more. I said I didn't agree with our current non-dues revenue. Correction... I expect more than the current situation. I am TOTALLY happy with the Marketing Committee and the Marketing Director John McGill and his team. I see the situation changing already. I believe this will lead to higher levels of non-dues revenue, slow dues increases, and bring Mensa to more and more people. You will see steady improvements in our Branding, and I look forward to this team breaking the mould. And propelling us to GREATNESS.

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Andrew Heffernan

Andrew Heffernan, of Mensa of Northeastern New York (MoNNY), is the Region 1 RVC (Regional Vice Chairman)
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