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As a member of American Mensa, you enjoy the benefits of belonging to both the national and worldwide organizations. You're also part of a smaller group based in your immediate area that hosts weekly programs and activities. Your local chapter, or Local Group, publishes a calendar of activities each month in its newsletter; these activities usually include business meetings, guest speakers, game nights, gifted youth activities and Special Interest Group meetings.

Each Local Group is unique, and programs and frequency of events vary. However, each Local Group is made up of individuals who provide an intellectual and social environment like no other. Local Group activities provide the opportunity to form acquaintances in your neighborhood... and these acquaintances often grow into friendships that can last a lifetime.

Region 1 (North East) includes thirteen local groups covering the states of ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, NY, and parts of NJ.
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Region 1 Roundup - February 2016
by Lisa Maxwell

Region 1 Roundup

News from National:
The national office is in the final selection phase of the vendor that will implement the office's new AMS (Association Management system). Having an IT background, I've been sitting in on some of the demos and reviewing the RFP (request for proposal) responses. Most of you wouldn't be interested in the details, but there are a few takeaways from this experience that I wish to share:
1. The National office manages an enormous amount of detailed data in many different areas (membership, local groups, testing, awards, marketing, finance, foundation and more).
2. The level of detail included in the RFP was deep, clearly defined and well organized. Our national office staff members have an excellent understanding of what is needed to support all of us, the members.
3. Once this system is implemented, the opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness will be vast.

Mensa is looking for a few top notch international representatives. Check out Mensa’s LEAP (Leadership Exchange Ambassador Program) program: The deadline to apply has been extended until February 15th.

As a Mensa volunteer each of us gives our time toward making the Mensa experience better for those around us. I want to thank each of you who actively participate by volunteering your time and expertise at the local, regional and nation levels. Your efforts are what make Mensa membership so valuable.

Here are a few opportunities for YOU to get involved and volunteer in your local group:
• Area Coordinator - hosts local event(s).
• Proctor - administers the Mensa admission tests.
• Newsletter or Calendar Editor - keep the local group informed and interested.
• Gifted Youth Coordinator (GYC) - organizes activities/events for our younger members.

Why volunteer? This brief article says it well (here's a snippet):
"…Learn new things. Return a favor. Impress others. Test your leadership skills. Act on a strongly held belief. Gain recognition. Meet neighbors and new friends. Gain visibility in the community. Try something new. Pursue your interests. Get out of the house. Gain self-confidence. Change something you don't agree with. Feel successful. Gain experience. Stay active. Have fun. Why not?"

Upcoming Events…
This is February, so that mean's it is time for the NHRG. One of our region's premiere gatherings, the New Hampshire group throws one heck of a great party. This year's theme is "Blizzard at the end of the Universe" (the coolest RG ever!). I recently moved into the NH chapter, but I've been attending their regional gathering for years, even driving up from outside of the region. Don't miss it!
For more details and to register:

This month's question for you… What one thing would you do to improve the Mensa Experience?

Lisa Maxwell
Lisa Maxwell, of New Hampshire Mensa, is the
Region 1 RVC (Regional Vice Chairman)

Lisa Maxwell
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