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As a member of American Mensa, you enjoy the benefits of belonging to both the national and worldwide organizations. You're also part of a smaller group based in your immediate area that hosts weekly programs and activities. Your local chapter, or Local Group, publishes a calendar of activities each month in its newsletter; these activities usually include business meetings, guest speakers, game nights, gifted youth activities and Special Interest Group meetings.

Each Local Group is unique, and programs and frequency of events vary. However, each Local Group is made up of individuals who provide an intellectual and social environment like no other. Local Group activities provide the opportunity to form acquaintances in your neighborhood... and these acquaintances often grow into friendships that can last a lifetime.

Region 1 (North East) includes thirteen local groups covering the states of ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, NY, and parts of NJ.
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Region 1 Roundup - June 2016
by Lisa Maxwell

Region 1 Roundup

As I sit in hospitality overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Cod, Boston Mensa’s mini RG, I am reminded of why I love my Mensa family. Some of the attendees are folks I only see once or twice a year, but we enjoy the opportunity to catch up and spend time together.

It's a national family - we have people here from Virginia, Texas and all over the Northeast. Snippets of some conversations include:
"And there was a guy in a dinosaur costume performing musical theatre numbers."
"Smart and stupid are not mutually exclusive."
"Is there a group in the area that meets to discuss politics?"
"He brought an extension cord to bring the blender out to the hot tub."

Hope you'll join us at an upcoming event or gathering soon, and become part of our extended family.

News from National:
The AMC (American Mensa Committee - the national board of directors) held a teleconference meeting in May - the recording of the session is available online at:

Around the Region:
o Vermont Mensa holds a monthly dinner meeting at Big Fatty’s Barbecue in White River Junction followed by games at a nearby location. Great folks, food and fun games. All are welcome.
o Boston Mensa's Spring Fling on June 17th is a long standing event not to be missed. "There will be food, music, games and quite a quantity of terrible jokes. We look forward to seeing you and sharing this happy time together at this family-friendly and convivial event."

Upcoming Region 1 events:
We are planning to have a Region 1 Meet & Greet at the AG in San Diego. The scheduled day and time is Wednesday June 29th at 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm --- mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details. Would love to kick off the event with a gathering of all of us from Region 1 who are in San Diego. Last year, a group of us met poolside for snacks and beverages.

This month's question for you…
If you are still reading at this point, and plan to attend the AG in San Diego, bring me a purple flower while there, and I will buy you a beverage.

And finally, if you are struggling to find a presidential candidate to put your support behind, consider a write-in candidate - Deb Stone for POTUS! She's getting my vote.

Lisa Maxwell
Lisa Maxwell, of New Hampshire Mensa, is the
Region 1 RVC (Regional Vice Chairman)

Lisa Maxwell
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